LGS SAR Contingency Tank Harness

LGS Contingency Tank Harness – DV001S  Regular price: $133.00, Student price $125.00

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Description:  LGS Contingency tank harness with backpack straps and handle allows easy transportation and deployment of a contingency tank for an entangled diver in need of more air while the entanglement or entrapment is managed.




  • Fits 80 cubic feet or similar sized cylinders.
  • It has a handle for the backup diver to hold when bringing the cylinder to the primary diver
  •  Shoulder and girth straps allowing a primary diver to wear the contingency cylinder. 
  • The backpack straps allow the contingency cylinder to be worn by an out-of-air diver who was forced to ditch his BCD-tank assembly.
  • Made in the USA. 


Author: Karen Thomas-Malloy

Karen has been with Lifeguard Systems as since 2003. As the General Manager since 2004, she is happy to help with any questions!

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