Staying Connected to the Diver

We teach teams to put a figure 8 in the com line and attach it to our locking carabiner on our harness just like we would any tether line. We have been doing this for over 30 years and it works well. The com lines we have are used for hundreds of dives annually and […]

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Dive Ops & Com bags

The attached photo shows a primary tender and diver (middle) with a primary diver on the end of a com line tether. A backup tender who also serves as the profiler (scribe) and who documents every move the primary diver makes, the primary diver’s breathing rate every five minutes, all in/down/out pressures and times, calculates […]

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Hood Vents

To help decrease the amount of air a full mask blows into your hood, cut the hood back so it sits 1/4 inch in from where the inside edge of the mask face seal sits on the face. To accomplish this, don the hood with the liner, powder the mask seal, place the mask on […]

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