Drownproofing Turnout Gear Article

Drownproofing Turnout Gear By Andrea Zaferes A firefighter dressed in turnout gear and no personal flotation device (PFD) falls out of a small boat during a flood in New Jersey while attempting to help flood victims. Tragically, he drowns. All firefighters have the potential of experiencing accidental immersion in flooded basements or trenches, covered pools, […]

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Public Safety Dive Training class in Hudson, NY – diver spots still available

May 19-22 Rapid Deployment Search and Rescue/Recovery w/ PSD Drysuit Diver: Hudson, New York Hudson Fire Department presents Lifeguard Systems’ Rapid Deployment Search & Rescue/Recovery w/ PSD Drysuit Diver certification— 4+ day, 36 hour Certification Program: For Police, Fire, EMS, & all Public Safety Dive Team Personnel  

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