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TeamLGS and Diver Medic offer you another webinar:  Andrea ZaferesAquatic Crimes Against Women (ACAW): Homicides Staged as Drowning Accidents or Suicides.  3- hour webinar. Saturday May 16, 2020, 1pm EDT-Cost $10  

Includes written exam and certificate of participation.

To register go to: https://info-e3c78.gr8.com/

ACACW are often fatal, are too often misdiagnosed as accidents, suicides, or natural deaths, and occur more frequently than is currently understood. Forms include aquatic: nonfatal IPV, sexual assault and sadism, homicide, land-based homicides staged as non-criminal drowning. homicidal drowning, and elder abuse. These cases present 16 main challenges. They’re typically treated as accidental drowning from the time of dispatch right through to cause and manner of death diagnosis. Law enforcement, medical personnel, IPV workers, and jurisprudence members almost never have training to recognize, identify, document, investigate and prosecute them. Drowning is a diagnosis of exclusion. These are mainly circumstantial evidence cases. This presentation will present ACAW red flags and provide a practical, proven investigative framework. 

For more information or to register, click here:   https://www.thedivermedic.com/on-demand-webinars

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