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Construction:   As you will see, the finest and most appropriate materials have been combined to give you a quality piece of equipment. The bag is made of nylon II taffeta with lockable closures.  The 3/8” floating line has a 400 lb working strength and resists moderate abrasions.  A piece of flotation block is used to give a small amount of flotation to the bag so that it will stay on the surface and come back half filled with water if a re-throw is necessary.

Some Uses:

  • The primary use of the Throw Bag is a throwing device for a range of up to 75’ in assistance situations of a conscious swimmer, scuba diver or boater.
  • The Throw Bag can be used by one or two rescuers to retrieve a conscious or unconscious victim by tying one end of the bag to a stable object, swimming out with the line, and using line to help all involved get back to shore.
  • As a safety line, the Throw Bag can be strung along most boat hulls from bow to stern to aid swimming and all diving situations.
  • With special training the Throw Bag can be utilized to elevate a victim out of the water into anything, from a small inflatable to a charter boat, which is called parbuckling.
  • It can be used as a down line for a strong, safe reference point for all diving instructional situations. Most diving instruction organizations require a safety line on deep dives and boat dives.
  • The line in the bag can be used as first aid equipment to help tie a splint or to create a stretcher.
  • The line can be used to figure out surface current in knots.
  • A throw bag can be used as a hang line for drying exposure suits.

Take a Lifeguard Systems Rescue Workshop to learn additional ways to use your Throw Rope. The only limitation of the Throw Bags are the limits of your own imagination and creativity.

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