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Lifeguards Systems, Inc. is the culmination of a life’s work and the dedication to creating a safer world in the realms of Water Rescue and Public Safety Diving.

Lifeguard Systems, Inc. in the 21st century has taken large leaps in many different areas. Public Safety divers and surface water rescue personnel can now take any of 25 different programs that are of the highest standard world-wide. Fire Engineering/Pennwell Publishing published Surface Ice Rescue, Public Safety Diving, and Ice Diving Operations. Lifeguard Systems, Inc. founded RIPTIDE, a nonprofit organization, devoted to homicidal drowning investigation and research, recovery operations, and public safety diver and water rescue technician accident prevention.

Besides the training of Headquarter instructors, Lifeguard Systems, Inc. started teaching ten-day Phase 1 Public Safety Diver Instructor Training Courses to certify those that were not able to do the long HQ internship programs. This ITC is the highest standards public safety diver instructor training course in the industry.

Our Instructors are certified dive instructors, members of dive teams, EMT’s, law enforcement and fire instructors, authors and public speakers. The 1996-7 Our World Underwater Scholar, Craig Nelson, worked with us full time for two years to help us write more books and teach more programs. Brian Nylander (IN), Bryan Duffer (MD), Ken Balfrey (NJ), David McCoy (NY), Orlando Abreus (FL), Joe Steyer (NY), Jeff Warrick (IN), David Holland (Toronto), and Dr. Cliff Turen (MD) joined the HQ teaching staff team.

Under every rock, around every
reef, a new discovery awaits

We Have Produced

  • Six educational videos, one of which is ten hours long with a 700 page workbook.
  • Several books including, Scuba Instructor Readiness Series, Oxygen & the Scuba Diver, Field Neurological Guide & Workbook, Surface Ice Rescue, Public Safety Diving, Ice diving operations, and an extensive Public Safety Diving SOP.
  • Over 25 different rescue, recovery, and leadership level training programs.

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