Andrea began teaching diving with Dr. Lee Somers and Karl Huggins at the University of Michigan’s Scientific Diving Program. She served as a Diving Safety Officer for the American Museum of Natural History’s Animal Behavior Research Department, and had three research papers published by the age of 22. She took her first diving rescue course at age 16 with Walt Butch Hendrick. Since that time she has become Vice President of Lifeguard Systems Inc. and RIPTIDE Inc, a course director and instructor trainer, a well published author, a noted public speaker, an award winner, a program designer, and is one of the leading trainers in the international water rescue and recovery industries today.

Andrea teaches over hundreds of police, fire, EMS, military, and USCG personnel annually throughout the U.S., Canada, Asia, and Caribbean.

Andrea, Vice President of Lifeguard Systems and RIPTIDE, a NAUI & ACUC course director, and a PADI, DAN, and Red Cross Instructor, teaches approximately 1000 surface rescue and dive personnel annually. She co-authored with Walt Hendrick such videos and books as Surface Ice Rescue,

Scuba Instructor Readiness Series, Field Neurological Evaluations, Public Safety Dive Operations, Blackwater Contingency, and Homicidal Drowning Investigator, was the managing editor of SORTIE Magazine, she manages the discussion group, and has over 100 published articles. She is a noted public speaker, is an award winner, and is a NYS EMT. Her main mission is to keep you alive and well.

Andrea’s credentials include:

  • Expert Legal Witness for diving and other water-related incidents
  • Homicidal Drowning Investigation, assists law enforcement and private citizens with homicidal drowning investigations
  • Numerous Media Interviews

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