Real life training for Real life water operations

The name of the game is when the operation is over, YOU can go home.

Thank you for inquiring about our surface rescue and public safety diving rescue/recovery training programs. We have a written guarantee that if we do not make your team appreciably better than they are now, we will return our training fee. In twenty-five years of training dive teams in over 15 countries, no team has ever used this guarantee. We have over a 90% repeat-customer rate, and the teams who give us the most praise are the ones previously trained by two or more other training companies.

The typical response from our students is “I learned more in one day with you than I learned in 3 days from …”

We have the highest standards in the industry in both our procedures and training requirements
We guarantee it.

We typically bring 2 to 5 Trainers per program. Most other companies bring one or maybe two trainers who may not carry their own insurance.

Each of our Instructors had to complete a four year internship, assisting in at least 40 programs, and complete a 150-hour instructor course, before they were certified to teach for Lifeguard Systems. They have plenty of experience working with all different kinds environments, teams and problems.

We bring lots of equipment: For diving programs divers are requisitioned pony bottles, pony regulators, quick-release pony harnesses, diver harnesses, tether lines, contingency straps, carabiners, shear holders and shared equipment such as OTS hardwire communication systems and Interspiro Divator AGA masks. During surface ice rescue classes students get penty of dynamic hands-on practice with ice rescue suits, ice awls, ice poles, MARSARS ice boards, rescue retriever systems, throw bags and much more.

We do this full time, not part time. We not only train but also respond to water rescues/recoveries in our local areas and when water emergencies occur in a training location. Lifeguard System trainers are members of police and sheriff departments, EMS squads, and fire departments. We do what we teach. That’s how we know it works.

Our Instructors are noted authors, award winners, program designers, and team officers, and are certified to teach under such organizations as ACUC, NAUI, PADI, ARC, DAN, and NASAR.

Course Standards

Diving Programs

* Our Dive programs are a minimum of 3 1/2 days, providing over 32 hours of intense instruction.
* Divers must complete a minimum of 3 successful search dives plus two u/w contingency exercises. Typically over 100 search dives are completed in 2 1/2 days on site.
* Divers and Tenders can obtain tender certification upon successful completion of all the operational tender requirements
* We supply pony bottles, pony regulators, quick-release pony holders, harnesses with shear holders and carabiners, deployment tether lines, contingency lines, OTS hardwire communication systems, and other specialty gear for use during the program.
* Blackwater search items are carabiners, knives, mannequines, and quarters.
* Documentation of every move the diver makes, every time, etc. is required.
* Dress time from start to finish is under 3 minutes. Rollover time between divers is under 2 minutes.
* Divers can receive ACUC, NAUI, or PADI Certification. Tenders can receive ACUC certification.
* There are many additional standards and procedures that make teams trained by Lifeguard Systems the safest and most successful around.

Surface Programs – Ice and Water

* No manufacturer demonstrations. You learn by doing not by watching. Each and every student participates in 8-12 hours of hands-on training in a two-day program, following 6-8 hours of very useful classroom teaching. Three to five day programs also available.
* Learn how to use equipment you can afford, including equipment you already have. Learn how to make what you have work better.
* We offer Awareness, Operational, Technician, and Specialist certification for each type of water rescue.

All our programs

* We provide the “why” for everything we teach.
* The mission for every program is rescuer safety – you need to go home when the job is done.
* Each course provides enough material to write an effective, safe SOP/SOG for your department.
* We run a community based program. We train local EMS and local hospital emergency department personnel to make sure they know how to recognize and handle dive and drowning accidents – at no extra charge. We can provide local police with a lecture on homicide by drowning – at no extra charge. We file for EMS continuing education credits if students need it – at no extra charge.
* We teach teams about liability and how to keep themselves as safe as possible. We teach them how to write standards and keep paperwork to help ensure the town cannot turn its back on an injured team member.

Free Services after Training

* Team captains call us for advice on conducting drills and then call us after the drills for a debriefing
* Teams call us during actual rescues for advice
* Teams call us any time they need to purchase gear, boats etc. for our consulting advice
* We write letters to help teams and team membersn who are having difficulties with media, officers, or others, who do not understand water operations.
* We answer all types of questions months and even years after a program – at no charge.
* We review SOPs – at no charge

Our teams have records of successful long term drowning rescues – Fire, Law Enforcement, EMS, Military, Coastguard.

We trained New York City Fire Department Rescue Dive Team companies from entry level to Instructor. We similarly trained Washington DC FAA and Fire Dept. We train US Parks Department dive and surface teams around the country. We did three programs for the South Africa Paramedic National Dive Team. Our team members were the winners of the Viking Dry Suit Rescue Diver Award for the last three awards.

Free Training for your department and bring in a profit too!

* We charge a flat fee per program. Depending on how many outsiders you put in your program, your department can not only be trained for free, but your department can raise funds from the program. Your department collects all the money – registration fees are made out to your department, not Lifeguard Systems. Some teams raise over $2000 annually in addition to training their members for free!!
* We help you fill the program by advertising the program on our calendar, by providing you with promotional material, and by sending you mailing address of potential course students.
* Students can purchase equipment at reduced cost.

There are over thirty Lifeguard Systems public safety water rescue/recovery programs, which are all customized to meet the needs of the your department. We also have a full line of rescue equipment that students can order at reduced cost.

Please give us a call, so we can discuss what Lifeguard Systems can do for your team and department.   We look forward to hearing from you.

It’s time you took Lifeguard Systems

“Real life training for Real life water operations”

to make sure you can go home when the job is done!

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