Upcoming Events

This page details some instructions for the Upcoming Events component of the main sidebar. This section should display Events that are promoted through the Events category.

As an example, if you have a special event that is coming up, maybe you will be at a trade show or doing a demo, you may create a Post about this event and assign it to the Events category and have the title of the post be displayed on the sidebar of each page.

A best practice would be to include the date in the title of the post.

When creating the post, you need to add two custom fields: event_end and event_start, the values for these custom field should be formatted yyyymmdd. This is important to ensure proper order placement.


Once the post is associated to the Events category and posted, go to the Recent Posts page under the Settings menu.

Note that the menu for the Recent Posts plug in is at the top of the page.


In the General section, the number of posts to show is the default five (5). You can display more if you wish. No need to change anything else in General.

You should visit the Filter section on a regular (weekly) basis to update the last field on that page. Unfortunately, this is currently required.

You need to change the Field Value. Post will be displayed if the event end date is greater than or equal to the Field Value. The Field Value should generally be the current date when you are making the changes.


In other words, if you set the Field Value to 20081225, the next five posts (see default setting above) in the Event category that have an end date after (greater than or equal to) Dec. 25, 2008 will be displayed.

Output Sorting

Just for reference, note events are listed in order. It is based on the event_start date and is set on the Output settings page, that you should not have to adjust.