Beneath the Sea

Public Safety Diver Conference

Friday March 29, 2019

Sign in 0830 to 0845 Lectures begin at 0900

Meadowlands Expo Center Fee: $85

Lunch will be included.

It is impossible to eliminate risk for public safety dive teams. It does not matter how you look at it, how you hold it up and examine it, it is a dangerous, and a risky job. However, new technology and new information can help you minimize your risk, help keep you and your team working safer. This daylong program covers some of the most timely topics in public safety diving. Each one designed to help you be safer in the water.

  • The Good, The Bad, THE PAPER WORK
  • Presenter: Tim Andro
  • This presentation is intended to explain the importance of paper work and how poor record keeping can shut down your team. We will start by explaining the required paper work that should be in place from the very beginning of an operation and go step by step till the end. Then we will discuss the extreme importance of maintaining diver paper work, not only for the department but for the diver’s own safety. Finally, we will discuss the approach our team took to maintaining equipment logs and service records. 
  • Tim started in Public Safety as a Firefighter in 1999. Began Northeast diving in 2005, In 2008 became a D/M and Technical shipwreck diver. 2011 become a Public Safety Diver, In 2015 became an ERDI instructor and Mahwah Rescue Dive Coordinator.  North Jersey Regional Scuba Taskforce V/P 2017 thru 2018 and where currently he is the President.

Put the Safety back in Public Safety!

Presenter: Butch Hendrick:

The new wave of public safety diving is not paying enough attention to diver safety.  PSD divers certified to dive a FFM cannot clear them. Our misunderstanding of tethered diving is causing some in the industry to say that it is dangerous rather than to understand how to properly do it. If we don’t know how to safely teach something then we say it’s dangerous, with the result that surface rescue and swiftwater instructors, are trying to write protocols for moving water diving.

Butch Hendrick has trained thousands of divers and water rescuers for more than 50 years in more than 15 countries in aspects from instructor training, public safety diving, rescue, and underwater movement and is a major innovator, equipment designer, standard-setter, and contributor to the dive and water rescue/recovery communities.

Considered by many to be the father of diving rescue, Butch has devoted his life to raising standards and keeping divers/water rescue personnel safe.

  • The Thailand Cave Rescue
  • Presenter: Barry Lipsky
  • On June 23rd, 2018 12 boys went exploring in Thailand’s Chiang Rai Province with their football coach and became trapped by water inside a cave deep under a mountain.  What happened over the next two weeks is a remarkable story of how thousands of people from all over the world, exhibiting unbelievable human endurance would show the lengths that some people will go to in order to save the life of someone else’s child. 
  • Since his certification in 1968, Barry has over 1000 dives worldwide. He went on to become a Certified Public Safety Diving Instructor for Team Lifeguard Systems, a National Association of Underwater Instructors Dive Instructor, and an American Canadian Underwater Certification Dive Instructor. He’s the lead Dive Team Captain for Bayport Fire Department where he also serves as a Firefighter and EMT. He is serving his eighth year as the President of Long Island Diver’s Association.


  • Accident Prevention in Public Safety Diving
  • Presenter: Barry Michael Pizzio
  • Common issues in PSD command, training and equipment that can result in an accident. This discussion concerns accidents and near misses from the view of a retired FBI Special Agent / Dive Team Leader who currently conducts diving accident investigations.
  • Mike, diving 43 years, is a Rebreather/Trimix/Public Safety Instructor for four agencies.  He has dived shipwrecks such as the Andrea Doria, USS Monitor and HMHS Britannic.  Mike ran the FBI Miami Dive Team during his career as an FBI Special Agent.

Applied Aquatic Physics for Safe and Effective Public Safety Diving

Presenter: Andrea Zaferes

Tenders, divers, command staff armed with Boyle’s Law & and SAC-rates can monitor blackwater diver tank pressures throughout the dive by documenting diver respiratory rates. How long will that pony bottle last me? How does Boyle’s Law & Archimedes Principle affect submerged corpses? What is the physics of lifting objects underwater?

With 35 years teaching thousands of sport and public safety divers worldwide, Andrea is a NAUI/ACUC Course Director, noted author and public speaker who developed with Walt “Butch” Hendrick ground breaking programs including Oxygen Administration, Field Neurological Evaluation, Leadership Rescue. She received the DAN Rolex and Beneath the Sea Awards.

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