How many dive leaders have been faced with this: “I’ve taken 3,000 people diving, I’ve had some difficulties before, but now this is IT – THIS IS THE REAL GIG. THE WORLD IS GOING BAD AND IT’S GOING BAD NOW AND I HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT BUT I DON’T KNOW HOW! I WAS NEVER TRAINED FOR THIS!”

Butch Hendrick: Incapacitated Diver on the Surface Workshop, Saturday, June 13th 1:00pm EDT – $25, includes certificate
This webinar is created by a man who has spent over 55 years of his life keeping people alive in the water, teaching people how to save each other whether they are ocean lifeguards, scuba instructors, sport divers, public safety divers, and water rescue personnel. You will hear how and why he created the do-si-do procedure to provide you with a better understanding of how to apply it. You will learn the most proven, effective techniques to manage panicked and incapacitated divers from the bottom to the surface to the boat/shore – that will keep you and them safe. Too much of what is being taught today is not effective in the real world with truly unresponsive divers, waves, current, etc. Commonly taught techniques will be discussed as to why they should or should not be taught and used. This online course is a must for anyone who would consider assisting another diver, and is essential for dive leaders and rescue divers.

Here is the link to get onto the workshop (use only after you have registered and received the ‘token e-mail’)-—incapacitated-diver-on-the-surface-workshop.

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