Observation and Panic Dive Workshop,

Saturday 20th June – 6pm (GMT+1)  1pm (EDT)  NY time Zone

“Everything you see is telling you a story, are you listening? – Catching the panic journey before it happens.”

By Butch Hendrick

The skill of observation, using all your senses, includes an understanding of what you are perceiving and knowing what to do with that information. Effective observation leads to seeing the little pieces that can eventually result in panic. Panic doesn’t very often just show up, it’s a journey. Panic very seldom comes from nowhere; it’s a progression. The end of the journey that leads to panic is often stimulated by a major internal fear such as unexpectedly ending up in darkness (low to zero visibility) or feeling like one can’t breathe. This presentation will take participants on the journey that starts when divers first decide to participate in a dive, traveling, and arriving in the parking lot, staging gear, gearing up, entering the water, and the ensuing experiences following immersion and submersion. We will explore the specifics of what to actively look for in others and even yourself and what to do with each observation.  Learn how to read the story, understand the story, and actively engage in the story to facilitate a positive ending.

This course will be turned into an Online Course afterwards,  where you will be able to get a certificate on completion

Once registered, you will receive a ‘token‘ and can access the workshop here: Here is the link to get onto the workshop – 

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