Butch Hendrick Webinar – Incapacitated Diver on the Surface Workshop Saturday, June 13, 2020 1:00pm EDT pre-registration required $25

How many dive leaders have been faced with this: “I’ve taken 3,000 people diving, I’ve had some difficulties before, but now this is IT – THIS IS THE REAL GIG. THE WORLD IS GOING BAD AND IT’S GOING BAD NOW AND I HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT BUT I DON’T KNOW HOW! I WAS NEVER […]

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Safety Lessons for Sport Divers from Public Safety Diving by Andrea Zaferes

Safety Lessons for Sport Divers from Public Safety Diving By Andrea Zaferes, NAUI 10533, Team Lifeguard Systems Inc. COLUMNS | DIVE AND SAFETY RESCUE SKILLS  Possibly one of the most important lessons sport divers can learn from PSD teams is how to decide when to dive and when not to dive. Click here to see […]

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Learning how to Use and Clear an AGA mask

The Desired Learning Outcome (DLO) of clearing an AGA is as follows. Two years from at 0200 hrs, you are called to a submerged vehicle with two passengers. It is cold and rainy. The team is in rescue mode. You are the primary diver. The tender’s good calculations put you right on top of the […]

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