The Run

When we were young we learned to run together often stumbling – Picking each other up, struggling to learn from our trials.

To run again more cautiously with amber thought, yet hearts of steel. The fears were not of self but rather failing others, those who we believed counted on us.

Frustrations abound for those with deaf ears, with heart and voice pounding, first one, then two, then five, and more to listen.

Through scores of personal physical abuse your lessons learned then taught to thousands of others to be safer and stronger. As in so many great lessons in life, sadness is often rampant.

Though to err is human, when the tones ring each carries a grown respect for the others a love that only comes from trust and surviving together. From the inner being often an understood love for the run itself.

For you Ray, one who had no choice but to teach all of us so much, your destiny was to be one of the greatest leaders of public safety in our country’s history.

Who, even in the last moments, taught us one more great lesson. Sadly if your breath still moistened the air around us you might not forgive the misperception of fault. Your inner caring was nearly unmatched.

God bless you, all my friends, my teachers, those you loved, and all who your lessons have saved. All who will follow your teaching for centuries to come. God bless those who will live for the well being of others, those whose very souls may exist for the run when the bells tone.

With candle’s light we love and honor you all.


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