Lifeguard Systems is running a five (5) day Field Diver Medic/First Responder Course near Tampa, Florida August 13-17, 2016!

Learn how to be prepared and act confidently with the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with any diving based medical emergency.  The Field Diver Medic/First Responder Course is a course designed for Dive Leaders, Dive Instructors, Scientific Divers, Police, Fire and Public Safety Divers.

The course is very intensive and of an Advanced Level of First Aid. We want you to put all of your skills learned in the 5 days to be able to tackle any Diving Emergency and feel confident you did everything you could to help.  We have a very busy schedule and you will do a number of real-life scenarios through the course, so a lot of hands on……and it will be fun too.

For more information please click here for the flyer.  To register please click here for a printable registration form that you can print, complete and return to us via e-mail or fax to secure your spot (new feature)!

For more information or to register, call Karen at (845) 657-5544 or e-mail us.

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