The art of dive planning series – Air Management – Saturday, March 11

Do you know your Surface Air Consumption or Breath Per Minute rate? How about your buddy’s or the divers in your care? Why are SAC and BPM rates so important? Too many divers blindly follow a divemaster’s or buddy’s plan. Why are divers of all levels running out of air everyday? How can this so easily be prevented? Learn how the same procedures used to lower SAC rates are also the ones to make you a safer and better diver. This presentation will teach you how to breathe more safely and efficiently underwater and how to plan your air to make sure you always come back with plenty. Brief Abstract of 50 words:
What’s your Surface Air Consumption or breathing rate? Your buddy’s? Why are SAC and breathing rates so important? Too many divers run low/out of air, which is so preventable. Learn how to breathe more safely and perform effective air management.

Presented by:
Andrea Zaferes

With 27 years of working in the field of submerged body/evidence recovery and investigation with TeamLGS teaching fire, law enforcement and military teams, Andrea is a noted innovator in aquatic death investigation. She is an investigator for Dutchess County Medical Examiner office, is the NYS DCJS Aquatic Death Investigation Instructor, has more than 100 publications, is an aquatic consultant for the National Center for Missing & Exploited children, has presented at well over 150 forensic, aquatic and rescue conferences, has taught over 2,000 law enforcement/death investigators in her two-day Aquatic Death Investigation program, and serves as a body-found-in-water expert witness. Andrea has received national and international awards such as the DAN-Rolex Dive of the Year and Beneath the Sea Diver of the Year.


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