Join TeamLGS and Diver Medic for another educational experience TOMORROW.

  • Andrea Zaferes – Sunday 26th April 6pm (GMT+1) – Webinar workshop for police, fire and rescue – $10.00,
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  • Forensic Diving and Fatality Investigation
    • Learn about investigative procedures, what happens at autopsy, and why these cases can be so challenging. Then apply this information to improve early accident recognition and injury/fatality prevention. We will also discuss what to do if you witness, or are involved in, a dive accident.
    • Who should attend:
      Dive leaders, public safety divers, law enforcement, medicolegal death investigators, and advanced divers will gain invaluable knowledge about dive accident prevention, early recognition, and investigation. You need to know what to document, what evidence to secure, and what to get from witnesses. Increase safety and decrease liability.
    • Diver Fatality Investigations and Incident Prevention
      Two important missions of diving fatality investigation are preventing future similar occurrences and helping to insure that justice occurs from civil suits and criminal prosecutions. This workshop is useful for anyone who is interested in either mission and for dive professionals who want to be better prepared to prevent and manage possible litigation. The workshop will consist of the steps and procedures that are used to investigate diver fatalities, including: What Information is analyzed and why; how to read autopsy reports — what they can and can’t tell us; law enforcement and death investigation reports; witness statements; data collection from dive logs and what questions to ask; environment variables; dive equipment tests; evaluation of dive leaders, dive boat buddies, and more.

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