Webinar:  What sport divers can learn from public safety divers, and what public safety divers can learn to decrease risks.

Butch Hendrick – May 1, 2020 1:00 pm EDT – 1.5 hour – To register, click here: https://webinar.getresponse.com/wqB63/butch-hendrick—what-sport-divers-can-learn-from-public-safety-divers

Unlike public safety divers, sport divers get to plan when and where they’ll dive, But often the environment risk factors are shared between the two groups when dives are made in lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water that can have low to zero visibility, entanglement/entrapment issues, current, cold water, and confined spaces. Sport divers do not have the significant added safety system of trained and certified surface support personnel with a backup and 90%-ready diver waiting to assist each diver down. Hence, in some ways, some sport dives are higher risk than public safety dives. Most PSD dives are safer and more effective when performed as solo-tethered-tender-directed dives, with the two contingency divers topside. Sport divers might dive with buddies, which might seem safer, but buddies can be lost, and today’s diver education does little to train divers to be observant and effectively proactive in regards to assisting another diver. Therefore, sport divers need to be competent, strong independent divers without the surface support system. This presentation will teach both groups practical drills, equipment set-ups, and procedures for problem prevention and early recognition in environments with the above named risk factors.

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