OTS Guardian Full Face Mask

It’s even better than we hoped for

You’ll never go back to the Interspiro Divator (AGA) because of the Guardians greater comfort, lesser cost & excellent new features.

guardian_black_blue_fThe second stage pops out with a button push, so you can keep it with your regulator assembly when the

         mask is removed. No more unscrewing the mask from the hose to carry or clean it.

  • The Mask comes with an Ambient Breathing Vent (ABV), the hose, and a padded carry bag
  • Comes with a 6 piece Equalizing Kit to fit most noses
  • Uses a standard reg. hose—no expensive, special hose
  • The double skirt fits more faces which means fewer air leaks and inflated hoods  
    • Right shoulder hose route
    • The second stage cover is one piece so there’s no shield ring or purge button to lose.
    • Spider strap tabs can be pulled from any direction so even if they’re pulled out instead of backwards, they

          wont rip off the skirt. Buckles cannot rust and can be easily replaced.

  • The mask has a groove to secure the EMA-2 wire between the hot mic and the ear phones.
  • It has a slightly lower profile
  • The EMA-2 hot mic for the Guardian is $100 less than it is for the AGA
  • The EMA-2 fits in the mask better because the mask is designed for it
  • They come in cool colors (red, black, yellow, blue, & yes even pink)

Guardian Nose Piece kit



 Nose piece kit makes it easier for you to equalize. 



Guardian ABV



Comfortably breathe outside air while on the surface with the Ambient Breathing Vent that comes with the mask


 Guardian Carry Bag


The Guardian Mask comes with a multi-pocket, protective carry bag as well as the low pressure hose.

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