Contingency Strap    BV500         $29.50 (plus shipping and handling

Used to clip a backup diver’s harness to another diver’s tether, allowing the diver to follow the line and assist a diver in need. By being clipped to the tether, the backup diver will not lose the line when hands are needed for equalization or equipment adjustment. Plastic, side-release buckle allows the backup diver to detach if necessary. Comes with blue non-locking carabiner.

The use of a contingency strap allows these contingency divers to descend to the primary diver without pulling on the primary diver’s tether line. This is important because pulling on the line could increase the severity of an entanglement problem and could drive a fish hook deeper in. The contingency strap also allows the contingency diver to have two hands free without the possibility of losing the primary diver’s tether line.

The strap should have enough length to allow some maneuverability around the primary diver, but not enough length to allow it to reach the primary diver’s throat if the contingency diver attempts to rise and reach behind the primary diver. The strap has a quick release buckle in it’s center that allows the contingency diver to disconnect from the primary diver’s tether line and work behind the primary diver.

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