The Lifeguard Systems SAR Buoyancy Control Device – designed specifically for the Public Safety Diver! 

BCD200:  Retail – $722 each + shipping and handling  Student – $650 each + shipping and handling. Click here to order online!

Available in:  Rescue Red

  • Outer material is 1680 denier ballistic nylon
  •  Bladder is 15 mil medical grade poly urethane with welded fittings
  •  Hard pack is ABS plastic with a grip pad on the tank side
  •  Reflective strips : “SOLAS” tape which stands for Safety of Lives at Sea this reflector works at a wider range of angles to the light source and will return a very bright  reflection.
  •  Stainless steel cam buckle  
  • 2″ Nexus WSR2 side release buckles
  •  Extra large Fastex buckles for use with thick gloves
  •  Front flotation to keep you vertical on surface
  •  Right pony pocket fits 13-30 cu ft bottles
  •  Left trim weight pocket to balance pony bottle
  •  Side Draw– Knife pocket and Shear pocket
  •  Power Inflator pull down dump
  •  Quick release gauge clip
  •  Left bottom pull exhaust
  •  Marker buoy pocket
  •  Rip-out spare mask/window punch pocket
  •  Hard pack with carry handle for minimal tank movement

To have a DEMO UNIT sent to you or to order Contact us for more information.

 Lifeguard Systems (845) 657-5544  

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