TeamLGS will continue to provide the highest quality public safety diving and water rescue training and made-in-the-U.S.A.  equipment for as long as there are teams and individuals who want the most proven, successful safety standards in the industry – because they want to make sure they can always go home at the end of the day. Our highly trained instructors are ready to serve you.  

Over the last 3-4 decades our competition has never been able to attack us on our standards or procedures so they just make things up – such as that they are the only agency certified by NFPA and OSHA despite the fact that NFPA and OSHA do not give such certifications – such certifications do not exist. 

Over the last few months we’ve heard from a variety of our teams in the U.S. and Canada asking us if it is true that Lifeguard Systems, TeamLGS, is closing down.  When we tracked the sources it became obvious – the old “Hire us because LGS isn’t going to be around for long.” 

So yet again we have to set things straight.   

And for those of you who heard the lies years ago that we make divers run and do pushups while wearing full gear, we give the source credit for creativity, but no, there is no grain of truth to that.

Thank you to all the teams out there who care about safety and effectiveness, and who are always willing to question, learn, and improve.

We’re right by your side. Real Life Training for Real Life Operations. , TeamLGS.

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