NOXO topical gel eliminates the effects of noxious odors!


  • Infection, Decay, Chemicals, Burned Flesh, O.R. Odors, Putrefaction
  • Feces

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       The active compounds in NOXO do not have a detectable odor of their own. They are suspended in a petrolatum base, which is scented with vanilla oil. The product is applied to the upper lip, directly under the nose. A single application will remain effective for several hours. Higher ambient temperatures will slightly lessen the length of effectiveness while conversely, cooler temperatures will result in prolonged action. Although NOXO should not be ingested, the product is non-toxic.

SHELF-LIFE:  The active ingredients in NOXO have an extended shelf life of up to six years when kept at normal storage conditions.




Author: Karen Thomas-Malloy

Karen has been with Lifeguard Systems as since 2003. As the General Manager since 2004, she is happy to help with any questions!

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