Public Safety Diving Forensic Investigative Procedures Workshop (1800 – 2200 hours)

February 2, 2021 –  Tulsa, OK hosted by Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office FREE WORKSHOP –

This indoor workshop combines lectures and hands-on drills. It is an intensive, dynamic, state-of-the-art program by Zaferes, a 26 year veteran of the PSD field .

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The following are examples of the topics we will address during this                        workshop in addition to answering your questions and concerns:

  • The most effective SARR procedures.
  • What should be in SOP/SOG to protect safety and liability of team members and the department.
  • Blackwater and debris-filled dives
  • Dives in currents greater than 1 knot
  • Common safety mistakes
  • Costly equipment purchasing errors.
  • The most proven contingency procedures.
  • Entanglement risk prevention and mitigation.
  • Small evidence search and recovery.
  • Boat Operations
  • Thin Ice Diving Operations
  • Large Area Search Operations
  • Court-Ready Documentation of U/W and top-side scene
  • Evidence recovery & processing
  • What every PSD team should document in regards to postmortem changes
  • Homicidal Drowning Investigation
  • What must be photographed ASAP
  • Prove and document that your search was completely accurate. Prove: If you did not find it – it was not there!
  • Aquatic witness interviewing skills.
  • Maintaining skills with little to no budgets
  • Keeping up team morale.
  • Aquatic Sexual Sadism

Includes educational Handout package with CD

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