Pet Rescue EquipmentBo Tibbetts, an LGS instructor and our LGS Midwest Rep, made the following useful slideshow of how we perform dog ice rescues. The goal is to never get close enough to be bitten. Even the nicest dog can become a fierce biter when hypothermic and terrified by the advancing alien (the ice suit clad rescuer).  Firefighters have been bitten in the face, hands, and other body parts while rescuing “nice” dogs.

The use of Marsars “Pet Rescue Device” Remember there are safer and more effective ways to rescue your dog. This video is ONLY intended for first responders who have taken the proper training and have a clear understanding of the proper procedures. You can have the tools, but without proper training they are useless. Always employ Rescuer SAFETY first principles. From the professionals at Public Safety Dive Services, LLC and Lifeguard Systems Inc.

Dog Rescue Device

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