By Hendrick, Zaferes & Nelson

351 pages, Fire Engineering Pub.

“…The first sections of the book deal with setting up, funding, personnel, equipment, and defining your mission. I would recommend the sections on personnel selection and funding be required reading for present dive team leaders, as well as anyone contemplating the formation of a team…The middle sections deal with the actual mission itself …a variety of search patterns and techniques are described with good illustrations…Again, good, solid material, designed to make you think before putting your team in. Public Safety Diving is a must-read book…” Cpt. Mike Whooley, Advanced Rescue Technology, Vol 4, No 4, Aug/Sept 2001

“All safety aspects ranging from equipment for shore personnel to cylinder safety, deploying the team and search communications, handling the drowning victim and many other situations requiring great attention to detail are thoroughly covered…even providing excellent advice on the pre-hospital care of diving illnesses.” By Leon Greenbaum Jr, PhD., Pressure-Undersea Hyperbaric Medical Society, 31(4), July/Aug 2002


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