Rapid Deployment Search and Rescue / Recovery

RDS&R/R is the prerequisite for our other specialist diving programs. It offers Rapid Deployment Search & Rescue/Recovery Certification, as well as Blackwater I if enough dives in blackwater are conducted…

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Rapid Deployment One Day Workshop

Introduction to Rapid Deployment Search and Rescue, Drysuit Rapid Dressing, Drownproofing with Turnout Gear, How to Handle a Dive Accident (for EMS and divers), and many other customized programs…

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Rapid Deployment Ice Diving Rescue / Recovery

Training in this overhead diving environment is physically, mentally, and logistically challenging and is key to a safe and successful operation. This course focuses on planning and implementing an ice diving operation so your team can safely conduct below ice rescues and recoveries…

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Large Area Rapid Deployment Search and Rescue / Recovery

Learn how to use advanced witness interviewing, etc. to narrow the search area. Learn how to search a 25,000 to 35,000 square foot are in a single day. Learn securing a boat using a three anchor system…

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Moving Water Dive Specialist

Dives in currents greater than 1/2 knot. The course content for your department depends on how fast the water is, underwater visibility, how well the divers/tenders can perform the basic RDS&R I skills, and available boats…

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Under Water Vehicle Extrication Specialist

Is your team responsible for responding to vehicles partially or fully submerged in the water? Fire departments wouldn’t let members extricate patients from cars without specialized training and practice sessions, so why will dive teams send divers into vehicles without proper training or equipment…

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Public Safety Drysuit Diving

Drysuits are the exposure suit of choice for public safety teams who often dive in contaminated and cold water. Drysuits offer the protection needed for both these hazards. Learning how to properly rapidly dress, maintain, and dive drysuits is imperative for diver safety and suit longevity…

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Surface Supply Contaminated Water Diving

Due to the very nature of the customization of this course, please call for additional information. Phone: 845-657-5544…

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