:   If you want to help stop domestic violence, sex trafficking, serial predator crimes and you want to feel empowered and hopeful, then please attend Luna Fest for $20 for 7 inspiring films with 24-online access Oct 15-17. 

Funds go to support that includes work by Andrea Zaferes regarding Aquatic Abuse, Torture, and Homicide Investigation and prosecution.  RespondAgainstViolence  works at all levels by providing tools and assistance to survivors, law enforcement, medical personnel, medical examiners/coroners,  prosecutors and anyone who works to help stop these horrific crimes. Please share this information with all your friends and colleagues.   

Please also share these very successful, free-resources that we can continue to make if more funds can be raised:  Roll Call Strangulation Series (6 free videos for patrol officers and anyone responding to strangulation and asphyxiation crimes), Supplements (evidence based investigative forms), free educational videos, and much more.

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