Surface Ice Rescue Book by Hendrick and Zaferes


By Hendrick & Zaferes

214 pages, Fire Engineering Pub.

This is one great book!…reality based book…the authors address ….how not to be taken to the cleaners by some slick salesman…is a literally a must-have for anyone…Did I mention that I really like this book?” By Norm Rooker, Advanced Rescue Technology, 5 (1), Feb/March 2002

“It’s an excellent and enjoyable and I would suggest it becomes ESSENTIAL reading for any rescue professionals…The book provides and invaluable resource for anyone who might be involved in a surface ice rescue. Most importantly, this manual will ensure get to go home ALIVE when the job is done!” By Aidan Turnbull, Fire & Rescue, Jan 2002

“It is an intense, comprehensive book that is a must for any fire department. There are 19 chapters… preplanning, levels of training, management, equipment, duties and responsibilities, communications, line tending, special situations, ice formations, …effects of cold on the human being and drowning.. study questions…. Surface Ice Rescue not only tells the how to, but more importantly, the why.” By John Malecky, 1st Responder Newspaper, NJ , 2000


Author: Karen Thomas-Malloy

Karen has been with Lifeguard Systems as since 2003. As the General Manager since 2004, she is happy to help with any questions!

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