Come learn Swiftwater Rescue skills from Butch Hendrick in the scenic Catskill Mountains!

May 5-7, 2017 Swiftwater Surface Rescue Level 1: Athens, New York

Whitewater sports, floods, and accidents are on the rise, putting fire, police and EMS at possibly more risk than any other type of rescue. One mistake can lead to multiple rescuer fatalities in a matter of seconds.


Can your team confidently and rapidly : 

u Read the water to plan staging locations to avoid missing the victims?

u Plant spotters with throw bags and set up low angle rigging to deploy a vessel?

u Establish victim positive buoyancy and use sash weights?

u Rapid z-system set-ups, technician deployment, and victim extrication

u Properly handle patients to prevent further injury & increase survival chances?

u Prevent costly equipment purchasing mistakes?

If your location has the potential for flooding this course is a must! You will learn how to perform safe and effective rescues from the time of the call till the patient arrives at the hospital.

This is a course you cannot afford to miss!


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