INTERACTIVE: Aquatic Crimes Against Women (ACAW) Staged as Noncriminal Swimming Pool & Open Water Deaths – Andrea Zaferes, Walt “Butch” Hendrick, Tiffany Lee

Andrea Zaferes, Walt “Butch” Hendrick, Tiffany Lee

When investigators respond to a crime scene involving water, several questions are inevitable…. Is this an accidental drowning? Was she homicidally drowned? Is this a strangulation staged as a suicidal drowning? Or is this a postmortem body disposal? Just as fire investigators and crash re-constructionists need training to recognize, identify, document, and investigate their respective scenes, anyone working cases involving pools or open water scenes need training on the realities of what happens to living and dead bodies in water, the drowning process, how to determine truthfulness and deception during interviews, processing aquatic scenes, recovering small submerged evidence, packaging submerged bodies, processing submerged evidence for prints and DNA, and more. This interactive workshop provides hands-on skill practical drills that include optional in-water experiences and is valuable for law enforcement, CSI’s, aquatic first responders, prosecutors, and anyone who would work ACAW cases. Non-swimmers welcome. Bring note-taking tools. Bathing suit optional. Pre-registration is required. Prerequisite: attend a past year or 2022 ACAW presentation. Click on course name to be re-directed to CCAW’s website.

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