Altavista Fire Department is sponsoring our 2.5 day program coming up in Altavista, Virginia- June 2021 with spaces still available! 

Are you fully ready to get both you and the victim out?

Safe and effective small boat rescue requires a variety of skills, techniques, and equipment. This course will prepare rescuers with state-of-the-art procedures and equipment, with plenty of  realistic, dynamic, hands-on scenarious.

  • Rescuer Safety & Accident Prevention – Use the proper equipment to keep rescuers safe. Swim-code your rescuers. Train with PFD and Fin swimming skills.
  • Boat operator rescue skills for moving and still water –What are the minimum skills a vessel operator should have? Learn how to handle vessels for rescue operations.
  • Self defense procedures –Standard lifeguard techniques to handle a panicked victim will not work when rescuers are wearing proper flotation equipment.  Learn vital techniques to keep you alive.
  • Victim extrication and handling – Establish victim positive buoyancy, safely secure conscious, injured, and unconscious victims on backboards, and extricate victims onto boats.
  • Boat maintenance and minor repair –Learn how to save your department a significant amount of money and vessel downtime. Simple maintenance procedures can prevent costly problems.  Also, have the right tools to fix a problem during an actual rescue. Make your vessels Rescue-Ready.
  • Pre-hospital Patient Care – All water rescuers need to understand what happens to immersed or submerged victims. Learn about immersion diuresis and hypothermia. Practice important water-related patient management skills.
  • Search for a victim in moving water –Learn how to figure out where a victim is most likely to be.

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