Everything you see is telling you a story. Are you listening?

Observation is the basis of feedback. I instruct you how to do something. Your feedback through my observation tells me whether I taught you successfully or not. How did students write down what we’re saying? What is the quality of their energy levels? Did we energize them to learn?  What questions are they asking?

Whether you are in teaching mode or not, consider that the body language of others is communicating to you every minute if you are observant. What is their body language saying? What are they doing? Actively observe your teammates and the victims. The same is true for the environment and your equipment. What is their ‘body language?” What are they telling you?

Constantly ask yourself these questions until they become spontaneous. Build your personal observation skills and remember that Inattentive instructors breed inattentive students. Observant instructors breed attentive students who perform safe, successful rescues/recoveries.

Everything is telling you a story – if you listen to it, then you can write its ending.

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